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These mysteries and many other studies about the convergence of science and religion are being funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Indeed the notion of a holistic world order is quite profound and worthy of more study. In the meantime, if we can accept their ideas, it means we are able to draw from an infi- nite well of potential and possibilities.

Nature Speaks Mathematics, Too Scientists use mathematics to help explain what we cannot understand using sensory per- ception. Put another way, somehow we conform to mathematical principles in the universe. The Chinese used the numeric information made apparent in the celestial heavens to improve their well-being.

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By charting a popula- tion of rabbits, Fibonacci stumbled upon a certain numeric pattern as a solution to a story problem: Each number in the series is the sum of the two previous numbers. Pretty neat, but it gets even better. Dividing each number in the series by the one preced- ing it yields a ratio that stabilizes at 1. This figure has come to be known as the Golden Ratio.

Big deal, you say. Wise Words The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers where each number in the series is the sum of the two previous numbers. A Golden Ratio is a special number approximately equal to 1. The digits of the Golden Ratio go on to infinity without any pattern repeating. Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio can be found in nature and our bodies, and has influenced art, architecture, and music. Fibonacci propor- tions can even be found in everyday items like playing cards, notepads, mirrors, windows, and credit cards.

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Simply, we are drawn to certain number proportions. Put another way, we, and our surroundings, conform to mathematical principles made manifest in universe. There are 8 and 13 gradual and 21 steep spirals on a pineapple. The head of a sunflower shows 55 rows of seeds revolving counterclock- wise and 89 rows of seeds revolving clockwise.

Our body and face conform to Fibonacci proportions. These are bro- ken down into 8 white keys and 5 black keys, which are divided into groups of 2 and 3 keys. Moreover, the pentatonic scale is made up of 5 keys, and the diatonic scale with 8 keys. Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio are manifestations of the innate harmony, sym- metry, and balance in the universe.

Indeed, we are all part of a cosmic dance in which we affect and are affected by everyone and everything. Feng Facts Add up any 10 consecutive numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence and divide the sum by There are many other transcendental mathematical examples, but space restricts us from presenting them. As we have mentioned, feng shui is a system of mathematical patterns in nature discovered by the ancient Chinese.

Will we lay down our warheads and use this knowledge constructively? Will we become united as citizens of planet Earth? Perhaps we earthlings should establish a New Vision for the Millennium, a set of princi- ples that will unite us on a fundamental human level. These principles will heal cultural and racial tensions resulting from dogmas and superstitions of the past, as well as elevate our awareness so that we can create a harmonious and peaceful world.

If for no other reason, our common purpose of survival will force us to adopt a New World Vision for the Millennium. The implementation of world harmony begins with you.

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Before we can hope to change our global frame of reference we must each foster unity and harmony in our own home. Feng shui is a powerful tool that can help do this. What comes to mind when you think of China? No doubt China is an ancient culture whose enduring traditions, colorful symbolism, and systems of government captivate us. Yet, did you know that for 2, years, beginning around B.

That assumption was correct. Made in China A common misunderstanding among Westerners is that the Chinese lack scientific and technological know-how. But the fact is we have the Chinese to thank for inventing many things that have improved our lives and made them more pleasurable.

The wheelbarrow, umbrella, animal harness, stirrups, the game of chess, paper money, fishing reels, matches, and kites are all products of Chinese ingenuity. Also, the Chinese developed the first seismograph and planetarium. They created movable sails, the rudder, and bulkhead. Iron casting and silk harvesting originated in China. The compass is the tool of the feng shui practi- tioner. Its forces inspired, awed, and humbled. It was a favorite subject of artisans. Greater Nature even gave rise to earth sciences like geology, cartography, and chemistry. They believed these forces deter- mined their fate.

To the farmer, gentle winds meant abundant crops, prosperity, and good health. Conversely, harsh winds, floods, and drought meant devastation, misfortune, and illness. Natural phenomena were important to the emperor, too. Since the Shang dynasty c. Considered an evil omen, such harsh condi- tions were a direct communication from above that the king should rectify his poor behavior.

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He was probably right. Some of those skywatchers were astrologers, some were astronomers. This comes as quite a shock to Western minds who believe Polo discovered China; so entrenched are his fantastic adventures and importation of things like spaghetti, salt, pepper, jade, and silk.

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If Polo did visit China in C. The Art of Astrology Astrologers analyze cycles of time. They study the position and movements of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in association with the consistency of human characteristics and the occurrence of human events on earth. In China, the imperial court relied on a stable of learned astrologers to map out the most auspicious and inauspi- cious time to do just about everything, including the signing of documents, the construc- tion of buildings, travel, military excursions, and marriage.

Astrology is considered an art because its predictions are based on supposition. While an astrologer can forecast your fate, the conclusions cannot be scientifically proven. Astrology requires you to believe in a force of destiny predetermined by the cosmos. This is not to say that destiny replaces free will. Astrological calculations can foretell only possibilities. The astrologer who foretold accurate possibilities was held in high esteem and paid hand- somely. The astrologer who was proven wrong was not so lucky.

He was either exiled or executed. Besides astrology, the Chinese practiced chronomancy an astro-calendrical system of determining favor- able and unfavorable days , oneiromancy divination based on dreams , physiog- nomy divination based on facial features , scapulimancy and plastromancy divination based on heating and interpreting the cracks formed on the scapula or shoulder bones of animals and the plastron or bottom shell of turtles , and sortilege divination by drawing lots.

The last method is especially significant to the formulation of the Yijing The Book of Changes , a book of divination written by King Wen and his son, the Duke of Zhou, about 3, years ago. The Science of Astronomy Astronomy is based on factual information derived from studying the cosmos.

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Chinese astronomers dealt with the practical needs of society. They developed almanacs and calen- dars. Their accu- rate observation allowed modern astronomers to establish that the supernova was the origin of the Crab Nebula. Confucianism and Daoism: Beginning in the sixth and fourth centuries B. Confucianism, based on the teachings of Confucius — B.

It dealt with practical and earthly affairs. He emphasized rational knowledge and education. The philosophy became so influential that it was taught in Chinese schools from the advent of the Han reign in B. Daoism also spelled Taoism , on the other hand, was concerned with intuitive insight and Wise Words heavenly affairs.

One could attain intuitive or true knowledge by communing with nature and Confucianism, based being at one with it, the Dao or what Westerns on the sixth-century B.

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To understand the Dao also perfection. Daoism is concerned spelled Tao meant to recognize the inherent with intuitive knowledge acquired unity of all things and live your life accordingly. The person who could Dao. The founding fathers of cultivate his or her spirituality and develop this Daoism emerged as a group of kind of character is following the Dao. While many steadfastly hold the opinion that Laozi also spelled Lao Tzu founded the school, many contemporary scholars disagree.

This is perplexing. Well, how this legendary figure is connected to the text is a mystery and not our concern here. Furthermore, the Daode jing and another great Daoist work called the Zhuangzi also spelled Chuang Tzu was written by an actual person of the same name before the school of Daoism emerged in the Han dynasty B. Experience vs. True knowledge extends beyond sensory perception; it can be experienced only in a meditative state of conscious- ness. Words were limited, nature was limitless. Words Without going out of the door You can know the ways of the restricted, they barricaded the self from the universe of world.

This is why the Daoists and other Eastern mys- Without peeping through the tics express their teachings in the form of aphorisms window, concise statements of a principle or truth , huatou You can see the Way of paradoxical statements meant to be meditated upon to Heaven.

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