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But do not let its size fool you in thinking that this instrument isn't capable of delivering power when it's called for.

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The Festive Proclamation by Samuel Adler , will surprise you by its brilliance and heart-stopping final chord. Highly recommended for organ music fans who like to sample different instruments from around the world, and also for its variety and perfect balance of old and new music, sorted on the disc in a perfectly logical sequence.

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J. S. Bach: Organ Concerto in a minor BWV 593 from Vivaldi - Karl Richter organ

Search text. Call Our new edition, in turn, is an arrangement of this organ concerto and has been scored for violoncello solo, strings and basso continuo. It was commissed for the renowned cellist Sol Gabetta who premiered it at the Bachwoche in Ansbach, a famous music festival in southern Germany.

HOMAGE - Various Organ Works - Carla Edwards (Organist)

The composer and arranger Joachim F. Schneider provides an idiomatic arrangement and cellists will welcome this addition to their repertoire.

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Bach: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 5

Johann Sebastian Bach : Concerto in A-minor 1 movement. Concerto in A minor 2 movement BWV Series: concerti, Theme: 0-miscellaneous. You must be logged in to use this feature. You must have paid membership or be a no cost-registered participant of the Musicalion web page. Register now!

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View more. Era: Baroque Theme: 0-miscellaneous Series: concerti. Similar compositions.